3 Great Car Options Under £3,000

by Rae Castillon

Just because you are in need of a new car, doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. There are many used cars out there that are well priced and offer a lot for the money. You might be surprised what cars you can get for your budget, but here are three great car options under £3000 to help you.

1. BMW 3 Series

You might be surprised to see a BMW on this list, but there are options for you out there that will bag you a nice car with style and comfort. There are many cheap cars in Basildon and around that include BMWs, but you will need to look for the older models to get the best price.

The fourth generation BMW 3 Series is often the best in this price range, but you should be sure to check the service history is as comprehensive as possible. Many of these are ex-fleet cars so they will have high mileage but will be serviced regularly.

You can also find other BMWs in this price range, and depending on the age and condition, you can pick up a good example that will keep running and be lovely to drive.

2. Suzuki Celerio

Considering that you can pick up one of these new from around £5000, there are many used versions that will come in under £3000. The best thing about getting one of these cars is they are so cheap from new, that you can get a used one at a great price and in good condition.

The basic models have all the things you need, they are a budget car, but they will suit someone that wants a car for city driving that is small and easy to drive.

The other advantage to getting this particular car is if you choose the 1.0 litre engine version, you will save money on tax and insurance compared to other cars.

3. Dacia Duster

Dacia is another car company that offers reliability and affordability. The Dacia Duster in particular is one that is an all-round good car to drive and maintain.

You can buy a new one for around £10,000, so finding a used example under £3,000 is certainly achievable. You may need to look for versions pre-2015 to get a good price, but they will be hard wearing and reliable. The spec can be limited, so check it has all of the features you want before you buy. One feature in particular is the space you will have inside the Duster, which will be more than enough for those road trip holidays.

These are just three of the many options that you have. You can also add others such as the Peugeot 407 SW which is spacious and reliable, the Ford Fiesta which is an old favourite of the used car market, and the Volkswagen Polo which is also a popular choice.

If you are prepared to look around, you will find many examples of good cars that you can get for under £3,000.

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