4 Ways To Make Your Jeep Ride Smoother

by Rae Castillon

The Jeep was created specifically for off-road travel, initially as a military vehicle. Because its design is very effective for off-roading, it had not changed much over the intervening decades. However, many people today use their Jeeps for transportation on roads and highways, where it can cause a very bumpy ride. If you typically drive your Jeep on the roads, there are modifications that you can make to your vehicle to make the ride smoother.

1. Lower The Height

A vehicle that is higher off the ground is likely to jostle about more as it travels. Reducing the height of your Jeep can result in a smoother ride. There are several different ways to lower the height. Instead of a six-inch lift kit, you might want to install a 4 inch lift kit. You may also want to opt for commuter tires. These are designed for highways and present a lower profile, both of which help make your ride smoother.

2. Realign The Tires

After you adjust the height of the vehicle, the wheels may be at different angles to the road. When the wheels hit the road at different angles, it makes for a bumpier ride. You can take your Jeep to a professional to check for and correct any misalignment.

One way to improve the angle of the tires to the road while driving for optimal performance is to install a camber kit on your Jeep. Wheels and tires may lean either toward or away from the chassis. The lean is called camber. For example, while turning a corner, a tire has a tendency to roll onto its outer shoulder. A camber kit helps correct that.

If you are interested in pricing, take a look at the wheel alignment cost at Walmart, it’s reasonable.

3. Replace The Shocks

The stiff shock absorbers typically installed on Jeeps at the factory are designed specifically for off-road performance. On a highway, however, there is a positive correlation between shock stiffness and ride bumpiness. You can resolve this issue by installing Fox shock absorbers for each wheel on your Jeep.

4. Increase The Weight

The more your vehicle weighs, the less impact bumps in the road can have on those inside. Adding weight to your Jeep can also help your tires grip the road better, which also contributes to a smoother ride. If you have a canvas rooftop or doors on your Jeep, one straightforward way to increase its weight is to replace these with a steel hardtop and doors. This also helps to make the Jeep a little bit more secure. It is harder for a potential thief to break into a vehicle with steel doors and roof than one with doors made of canvas.

If you already have a steel roof and doors installed on your Jeep and would still like to increase the weight, you can try carrying sandbags in the cargo area. These should be centered over the wheels as much as possible. This may also help to increase traction in the snow.

Where and how you drive your Jeep determines the type of equipment you need. Find off road tires for sale and other necessary accessories from an online retailer.

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