Auto Repair And Full Service Car Mechanic In Abbotsford BC

by Rae Castillon

As winter is around the corner, car drivers are advised to winterize their vehicles in order to spend less time in auto repair shops in the months to come.

Every car owner is supposed to have a reliable mechanic to turn to for regular checkups and repairs. Finding a reputable mechanic is essential for avoiding maintenance overpay and costly repairs.

We hope the advice below helps you hire a trustworthy professional in Abbotsford.

Start With Reviews And Recommendations

The journey to choosing an auto repair shop should start with checking reviews and recommendations. You should ask your neighbors, relatives, and friends to recommend you a reliable car mechanic whose services they have been using for quite some time. Apart from personal recommendations, you should check other sources as well.

For instance, auto owners are encouraged to check Angi’s reviews. If you haven’t heard about Angi before, it refers to a company that verifies all the reviews posted by its users. Another source to check is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, which assists consumers from the US and Canada in finding a business they can trust by providing companies with ratings. Find out how BBB ratings work.

It’s crucial for auto repair shops to be BBB-certified, as their ratings are trusted by a myriad of American and Canadian customers. A good rating along with positive customer reviews are indicators of a car mechanic with a stellar reputation. You should be distrustful towards auto repair shops that have no website or social media presence. Websites are essential for good customer service, as they are usually the first point of interaction with a business.

Look For Certifications

Another important aspect to consider when looking for an auto repair shop in Abbotsford is their certifications. Since modern vehicles rely on technology, you need to trust yours in the hands of a certified car mechanic instead of a technician that works in its backyard. The most important certification these professionals should have is the one from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Additionally, this certification is awarded to mechanics in the US and parts of Canada, which meet the institute’s standards. In order for mechanics to qualify for such certification, they have to pass an exam and have at least two years of training. The only way for auto technicians to maintain their ASE certifications is by getting retested every five years.

Other types of certification that matter are those obtained from manufacturers. The majority of auto repair centers in Abbotsford, such as, are reputable and certified.  Some car mechanics become certified by manufacturers to work on certain types of vehicles. Nevertheless, such certificates are earned after passing all necessary tests and proving proficiency in repairing the cars of their brand.

Check Whether Mechanics Provide Understandable Explanations

Another thing to check when looking for a full-service mechanic in Abbotsford is his ability to provide understandable explanations. The usual problem between auto repair technicians and their customers is the lack of communication. While these professionals perform their job excellently, they aren’t the best communicators.

Moreover, the largest part of these technicians faces difficulties when having to break down the problem and their work in layman’s terms. Nevertheless, it’s of great importance for them to be able to answer all customers’ questions in simple terms for them to understand the diagnosis and proposed solution.

Make Sure They Show You The Defect

Besides providing an understandable explanation for your problem, auto shop technicians should take you to the garage and show you the defect. It’s a way of building trust by showing customers the defect they have found, the reason why it has to be repaired, and whether the repair is worth the investment.

It often happens for auto mechanics to detect issues during regular checkups and notify clients about the need to repair their vehicles. In such cases, it’s of absolute importance to demonstrate the issues they have found, as customers might be skeptical for a reason.

The Bottom Line

Your vehicle deserves to be maintained and repaired by a certified, experienced, and trustworthy mechanic.

Find an auto repair shop you can trust!

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