Benefits Of A Spray In Bedliner For Your Truck

by Rae Castillon

Does your pick-up truck come with a bed liner? If not, you should undoubtedly consider investing in a spray-in coating to ensure protection against scuffs and scratches.

Given pick-ups are primarily used for hauling large items, their beds are susceptible to different forms of damage. Spray-in bed liners are applied with a spray gun to provide a thick coating of either polyurethane or polyuria. These coatings shield pick-ups against UV rays, weather elements, and corrosion, as well as provide safety.

There are numerous installers of spray in bedliners in Jacksonville offering high-quality protection and durability.

Have a look at the benefits of these coatings.

UV Protection

An incredible benefit of spray-in bed liners is providing your truck with the necessary UV protection, particularly in areas with soaring summer temperatures. Heat and UV radiation are considered harmful to vehicles exposed to their damaging effects on a regular basis.

The longer vehicles are exposed to UV rays, the more worn out they look. Ultraviolet radiation is detrimental to paint, as it makes them fade. Consequently, trucks seem much older and more worn-out than they really are. Fortunately, spray-in bed liners are designed to protect trucks from ultraviolet rays due to the thick coating they offer. Such coating is thought to reflect UV rays by as many as eighty percent.

Protection Against Weather Elements

Another reason to invest in a spray-on bed liner is the protection it offers against weather elements. By coating the entire surface of the bed of your vehicle, spray-in liners make sure the surface is sealed from air and water. As a result, it’s protected against heat, moisture, dirt, and other harmful elements.

Moreover, individuals who opt for carpeting instead of a spray-in bed liner aren’t provided with complete protection. For instance, dirt and water can easily find their way under the carpeting and induce corrosion. Find out more about the chemical process of corrosion.

Corrosion Protection

Many truck owners prefer spray-on bed liners over carpeting because of the low risk of corrosion. These vehicles have a metal frame underneath the paint, which has the role of protecting the metal from water and air. They are both capable of triggering rust and causing damage to the metal.

In addition, when metals are subjected to air exposure for a longer time period, the material begins to corrode. This process is known as oxidation and occurs every time metal frames are exposed to air for too long. Once a vehicle starts to show signs of rust, its value becomes substantially reduced. Over time, corrosion has the potential to result in internal damage to vehicles.

Since trucks are often used for moving furniture and bulky pieces of equipment, their bed paint is regularly exposed to stress. The more the paint becomes damaged, the greater the exposure of metal frames to weather elements. Therefore, the best solution for avoiding rust is the investment in a spay-in bed liner.

Better Safety

Most individuals purchase pick-ups for the purpose of transporting large items, which is why they should take good care of the surface. While loading and unloading objects, you’ll most likely be standing in the bed of the pick-up. Spray-in liners, however, make sure you avoid slip and falls owing to their specific texture, which guarantees excellent friction. Follow this link,, to learn more about friction.

Furthermore, the non-slip surface is not only beneficial for the safety of truck owners but also for the safety of the items. During transport, it’s common for the items to shift around and end up damaged by the end of the drive. Anyhow, the non-slip nature spray-on coatings prevent goods from shifting around and getting damaged.

Low Maintenance

Another amazing benefit of spray-on bed liners is their low-maintenance character. It’s harder for this coating to get damaged when compared to a drop-in liner. You won’t have any concerns related to corrosion and rust. These liners only need to be hosed down during cleaning, without the need to remove and scrub them. They are incredibly long-lasting and easy to repair if damaged.

A Final Note

Make sure to protect your truck from harmful elements.

It’s the least you can do!

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