Bond Cars Refreshed

by Rae Castillon

Of all the characters to ever have graced the silver screen, few have been as iconic or have enjoyed the longevity of James Bond. This cool and suave spy is a class apart when it comes to reluctant protagonists and no recounting of his exploits would be complete without a mention of the cars he uses. This iconic character has been portrayed by six different actors including some of the biggest names in the movie industry such as Sean Connery and Daniel Craig across 27 movies so far. While the leading man and the settings have changed, James Bond or 007 has always had an iconic car by his side to aid in his exploits. Some of these have gone on to attain a cult status almost as popular as the character itself. Many of these classics were set in a bygone era but it would be interesting to reimagine these in a modern setting and that is exactly what we are going to do today.

Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin is the name most famously associated with James Bond and while different movies based on this enigmatic spy have featured the latest iterations of the DB series of cars from Aston Martin, the DB5 is perhaps the most celebrated. It was used in such movies as Goldfinger and was driven by the legendary Sean Connery. This car is a timeless beauty and requires very few modifications to bring it in line with the current times. The only changes needed are a sleeker and a more well-defined look that still does a good job of hiding all the gadgetry including the two Browning machine guns behind the front indicators.

Lotus Esprit S1

‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ featured one of the most exhilarating chase sequences where a seemingly regular car transformed itself into a submarine that helped Bond evade sticky situations. It wasn’t exactly a regular car but another ageless classic in the Lotus Esprit S1 and it too requires minimal change for a contemporary look. A few design modifications to the front and rear and some classy alloy wheels make this car a modern getaway vehicle worthy of today’s 007.

Citroën 2CV

Not all of Bond’s vehicles had the touch of elegance that was immediately apparent. Sometimes he needed a vehicle that was inconspicuous and the 2CV performed that task very well. It also provided a bit of comic relief in an otherwise tense movie and that is what this modern retelling focuses on. It gives the 2CV a playful makeover with some audacious styling elements and a bold visualization of Bond’s logo.

Ford Mustang Mach 1

All the cars so far have been distinctly European but the American Ford Mustang Mach 1 fixes that. It proved to be the great setting for a scintillating chase scene around Las Vegan in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. The Mustang has a very recognizable look that needs few modifications. The modern reimagining of the Mach 1 is limited to making the design a bit more free-flowing and even more menacing looking than it originally was.

Toyota 2000 GT

You know that a fictional character has attained legendary status when a car is modified specifically for a movie. Sean Connery at 6’2″ was a little bit too tall to fit into a regular 2000 GT and Toyota created this convertible version to give Connery a really cool car for ‘You Only Live Twice’. The updated reimagining features a beefier bonnet, alloy wheels, and modern headlamps that retain the classically cool look of the original convertible with a touch of modern elegance.

If you want to see what these modern visualizations look like then click here to see artistic renditions.

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