Car Storage Tips For Long Term

by Rae Castillon

Keeping your car in the best condition is one way to get it to last long. Doing so will keep it running always and also ensure that it remains in a mint condition. When it comes to keeping your car in storage for the long term, there are a few things you want to do right. And if you happen to be planning to keep yours grounded for an extended period, you will find the tips below to be helpful.

Why Car Storage?

You know the importance of keeping your vehicles clean and inspected regularly. This will involve getting regular servicing and maintenance to ensure it stays fresh. But if you have a particular reason for getting it in lock up for a long time, it needs to be done perfectly.

You may have a unique convertible you only use during the summer or will be traveling out of town for a while and won’t be driving it. In this situation, you want to do what’s best to avoid complications when you are ready to get it on the road. Some of the reasons why you should consider car storage include.

Maintains The Value Of The Car

Maintenance is critical for getting your ride to look new, even if you have had it for years. And if there is anything, doing so will ensure that it maintains its value. While it will surely depreciate as the years roll by, it still could fetch you a reasonable price in the second-hand market if you take proper care of it.

So if you plan on selling your car, later on, you must take the upkeep seriously. This includes keeping it in storage when not in use.

Avoids Unnecessary Expenses

While you will likely need to set aside a monthly upkeep fee for your vehicles, it could cost you more if you have to make repairs every time you take them out of storage. And if you do your job well of caring for it when not in use, you could save yourself some lump sum of money for making repairs that can be avoided if you store it properly.

Protects It From Vandals And Theft

Imagine a situation where you keep your car parked on the road and are away for a few weeks or months. There is no guarantee that you will come back and find it exactly how you kept it.

You could come back to find some parts missing or that other road users have damaged it. And if you take the initiative to store it before leaving town, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about being stolen or vandalized.

Getting Your Car In Storage

The first thing you need to do is to search for car storage facilities near you. This is if you don’t have a private garage that can house your vehicle while away. Many car storage services and facilities near you can provide housing options for your car for a small fee.

The cost will depend on how long you plan to keep it in storage and the type of service you choose. But before I share with you a few tips for finding a storage facility, let’s quickly brush up on some things you need to do before getting your automobile store.

Get It Serviced And Inspected

If you stay away for more than 30 days, you want to check your vehicles at the mechanic to ensure that all the parts are in good condition. This will include changing the oils and ensuring the battery is charged correctly so it doesn’t die out while you are away.

You should also consider filling up the tank, so the tank won’t rust when it has been parked empty for long. Another thing you want to ensure is that there is no fault with the engines before getting it locked up.

Clean It Thoroughly

Once you have settled everything at the mechanics, the next thing you should do is to keep it clean. You can use the auto wash service for a thorough exterior and interior cleaning.

Ensure to wipe off grease and mud from the body to protect the paint and dry out excess water from the interior. The engine could also use steam washing to wipe debris from the radiator, and the tires and rim should also be kept spotless.

Keep It Covered

While it is best to have your car locked up in a garage to avoid exposure to the weather, you could also make do with a car cover if you intend to leave it outdoors. This will help prevent bird droppings and dust from gathering on the body before you arrive.

Keep Rodents Out

Your garage could be a good place for rodents to hide, and leaving your car there for long could only make it easy for them to do damage before you get back. While you can’t keep rodents out while you are away, it is possible you can prevent them from entering your vehicle.

Keeping the doors, bonnet, and trunk shut is ideal, but you could also use mothballs and other rodent control products to make it uncomfortable for them to live inside.

Take Care Of The Tires

If you are away for more than 30 days, you want to take the tires out and have the wheel balanced on a jack stand. This will help prevent them from flatting out and needing replacement when you arrive. You want to ensure they are pumped and use a wedge instead of the hand brakes to keep it from rolling back when parked stationery in storage.

Follow Up On Insurance

While it could be a good idea to cancel your insurance, for the time being, it could pay you more to have it to avoid the added charges when you finally get it back on the road. You can check with your insurance provider to know how best to save costs when you aren’t driving your vehicle for the month or thereabout.

Finding Car Storage

Your best bet is to go online and search for a reliable and safe car storage service in Miami, FL, near you. And if you search correctly, you indeed will find one that you can store your vehicle in before you travel. This would be ideal if you don’t have a garage and don’t want to take the risk of leaving it on the street.

Of course, you will have to pay for the service, and the cost will depend on the type of storage facility and the period you will be using the service. Remember to consider safety when you decide to choose a storage service for your automobile.

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