Four Of Giti’s Cars Complete The 24-Hour Nurburgring Race

by Rae Castillon

Not many people are satisfied with finishing a race the same way they started but for Giti’s team having all four cars complete the 24-hour Nurburgring Race and the Audi R8 winning the class it was a great day!

Altogether Giti’s team had the Audi R8 win the class while they also placed three on the podium at the finish. Held on September 24-27th, the Nurburgring race was a return to normalcy in a year marked by the abnormal in the world. But what’s a chaotic year without a little race chaos too. This year’s race was marked by hectic weather conditions both day and night and brought an edge to the 24-hour race.

2020: The Year To Overcome

With last year’s mishaps on their mind, the girls-only Giti team was ready to set out for a trouble-free race as they headed to the pole positions. Dealing with a smaller amount of personnel because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the girls-only team spent more time making detailed preparations to get out and win on the course.

During the qualifying round, Carrie Schreiner, Laura Kraihamer, and Celia Martin found themselves at pole positions. These starting spots gave them a leg up in a race that would soon be marked by poor weather conditions throughout. Conditions deteriorated rapidly and the officials even brought the race to a halt around 10:30 p.m. due to several wrecks. The girls-only team kept a firm handle on their vehicle, however, and kept going throughout. 

Once the race was restarted, the girls-only team was involved in a collision that brought their VW Golf GTI to a shuddering halt and left them being towed to the box for repairs. Mechanics worked quickly and efficiently and got the Golf ready to roll again in less than an hour. This setback crushed the dreams of the team to bring the Golf in as the class win and they set their sights on making it across the finish line.

“Our goal was to cross the finish line, and we did it!” said Carrie Schreiner one of the girls-only team drivers who were out on the track during the Nurburgring race. “Unfortunately that little collision set us back, but that sort of thing can always happen in a 24-hour race.”

The team worked together as a whole to pull out the win and podium placements and the drivers showed their appreciation for the team that got them to the top. Not only did the girls-only drivers handle the car well, but the team also worked in cold, wet conditions to keep them on the road and after the accident, get them up and running again in no time.

Podium Sweep!

With weather conditions that were far less than favorable, the Giti Tire team’s Audi R8 LMS GT4 and drivers struggled as well. After several accidents that required repairs, the team was pushed far back in the rankings. The mechanics for the Audi and their team were able to get the car running correctly and back out on the road. All the hard work paid off and the Audi R8 team came in to win the SP8 class!

But the Audi R8 wasn’t the only Giti team car out on the track! Two of the other vehicles, the VW Golf 7 GTI and the VW Golf 6 GTI, had unproblematic races and came out in second place in the SP3T class.

Each of the cars used GitiCompete tires for both the wet and dry conditions that performed well in the weather. Giti Tire Group sponsors a wide range of motorsports contestants and has been focusing more and more on green production and community efforts surrounding their various companies the world. Being able to see the performance of Giti’s tires in both good and bad conditions in the Nurburgring Race was a testament to their performance and style.

“Four out of four cars crossing the finish line—that’s more than I could expect under these conditions and makes me happy.” Said Thorsten Willems, team leader for the Giti Tire team, “Given the extreme weather conditions, this was surely one of the best 24-hour races in the team’s history!” 

The Race

The Nurburgring race takes a toll on team members and drives alike. Driving throughout the night in less than ideal conditions pushes drivers to their limits. The teams for Giti swapped out of the cars several times over 3-hour increments to allow each of them to have time to calm down and recuperate before the next leg of the race. 

2020 marks the 48th year the race has been held and for Giti it’s been a stellar year. “In view of the extreme weather conditions, this was surely one of the best 24-hour races in the team’s history,” said Thorsten Willems, team leader.

Giti’s team favors the VW cars as well as the Audi R8. The Audi car on the team came in to win their class and did better than the team expected in the adverse weather. This is a car that requires great handling especially when being driven in tougher conditions than expected. The team and the Audi R8 are looking forward to hitting the track in the 2020 racing season again.

Lookout 2021!

With this season’s Nurburgring Race finished, the team is looking forward to other races on the circuit and especially to 2021 where they hope to be back up to capacity with both teams and drivers for the course. To come out after an especially hard year and compete and finish well even on a difficult track was a tremendous boost to the Giti team.

The promising girls-only team continues to perform well and is pushing the boundaries of the sport in every race they finish. By working together as a team, even under tough conditions, they get the job done and keep on winning. The Giti team and the support behind them have brought them to the podium yet again in 2020.

With a fresh win and some new memories and life lessons, the team is ready to get out, get practicing, and be all set for the 2021 Nurburgring race!

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