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Semi-trailer trucks, more popularly known as semi trucks, are used to carry freight. These vehicles are composed of a tractor unit, or the truck pulling one or more semi-trailers where the freight is loaded. Compared to an actual 18-wheeler, semi trucks can run on their own even without hauling a semi-trailer.

These trucks ensure that the economy is up and running as they deliver freight, produce, and goods round the clock. If your business entails the need for a semi truck, then make sure to explore your options. In this case, if you are looking for a semi for sale, then better consider some of the best brands listed below. Going for these renowned brands provide you with a certain guarantee that your truck will never fail to deliver what you intend it to.


Freightliner, a brand from Daimler Trucks North America, tops the list of the most popular semi truck brands. In fact, surveys show that about one-third of newly purchased semi trucks annually are Freightliners. This is around 190,000 vehicles, which makes them gain 40% of the market share.

Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that with this manufacturer, you have several models and styles to choose from when it comes to commercial trucks. Aside from on-highway, medium-duty, severe duty, as well as natural gas vehicles, they are set to release an all-electric commercial vehicle.


Formerly known as International Harvester Company, Navistar International Corporation is an American holding company that is continuously getting larger. In 2013, they were known to have an annual revenue of $10.7 billion, while in 2015, they produced 41.1% of day cab tractors in the market. In the commercial trucking industry in the United States, International holds 11% of the market.

However, the success of the company is not solely because of their semi truck sales. Alongside the big rigs, the company also manufactures school and commercial buses and they are also a private-label designer of diesel engines for pick-up trucks and SUV markets. In addition to this, they have a network of over a thousand dealer outlets in the US where their products, parts, and services are sold.


Volvo is a Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer but they also own Mack Trucks, a well-known trucking brand. Volvo Trucks is considered a world leader in the heavy truck and engine manufacturing industry. Their focus is on safety and modern innovation, making their semi trucks a regular sight in the US highways.

With a strong dealer network, as well as industry-leading parts and service, you are guaranteed that the purchase you make from this manufacturer, is worth it, regardless of whether the truck is new or used. Therefore, it will come as no surprise if they have 10% of the market share in the US.


PACCAR has other subsidiaries such as Kenworth and Peterbilt. Together, they take up a fair share of the semi truck market in the US.

  • Kenworth

Kenworth was founded in 1912 by George T. and Louis Gerlinger JR. The company was initially known as Gerlinger Motor Car Works and they primarily focused on car dealerships. After a couple of years, they built their own truck with a more powerful inline six-cylinder engine. From that point forward, the company has grown massively.

In 2015, the annual revenue of the company is known to skyrocket at $19.1 billion. A great contributing factor to this success was the sale of more than 154000 semi trucks sold in that year. To this day, Kenworth is known to hold a 14% market share.

  • Peterbilt

Based in Denton, Texas, Peterbilt is renowned as an iconic trucking brand, established in 1939. They manufacture medium and heavy-duty trucks that are regularly seen on the highways. But aside from their trucks, their logo can also be seen on trucking apparel, hats, and other related products. Because Peterbilt is a well-loved brand, they hold 13% of the market.

Types Of Semi Trucks

Aside from looking into the brand of the semi truck, you should also think about the style that you need to get. The style of the tuck greatly depends on your purpose for acquiring one.

  • Flat Roof Sleeper. A flat roof sleeper has less headspace because of its flat root. Nevertheless, it has a compartment attached to its cabin intended for the driver to rest and sleep. In parallel to this, it has a bunk and some side storage compartments.
  • Mid-Roof Sleeper. Like the flat roof sleeper, a mid-roof sleeper also has a compartment attached to its cabin intended for the driver to rest. The main difference is that a mid-roof sleeper has a slightly higher and rounded roof. This provides more space compared to the flat roof sleeper, but not large enough like a raised roof sleeper.
  • Raised Roof Sleeper. Like the flat roof and the mid-roof sleepers, a raised roof sleeper also boasts of a compartment attached to its cabin. Some of these sleepers even come with a premium sound system and a flat television for the driver’s entertainment after a long drive. These amenities are made available because of a large headroom and more space, which makes it more comfortable for the driver to rest.
  • Day Cab. Day cab semi trucks are intended for short hauls or day trips. For this reason, you will not find an on-the-road sleeping compartment in a day cab. Thus, it will come as no surprise if you find the price of a day cab less expensive compared to any sleeper.

To wrap things up, the brands listed above are only some of the most popular semi truck brands that you can consider in case you are thinking of buying your first big rig or if you are looking into expanding your fleet. With a reliable brand that you can trust, you will be able to maximize your cost efficiency and increase your cash flow through successful deliveries each time as any road mishap is mitigated. The key is in properly maintaining your truck, regardless of the brand you go with. You can find many trucks to choose from at Armormax.

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