Rolls-Royce Presents One Of This Generation’s Greatest Phantoms

by Rae Castillon

Rolls-Royce bespoke team came up with a unique challenge in December 2019 with the commissioning of a Rolls-Royce Phantom for an entrepreneur and his family based in Stockholm. The requirement and the expectation were to create a Phantom that would immerse its passengers in an enchanting floral world. This resulted in the arrival of the Rolls-Royce Rose Phantom, a mesmerizing automobile with a floral theme.

The car has been hailed by Rolls-Royce chief executive, Torsten Müller Ötvös as “Something that can only be described as sublime” featuring over one million embroidered stitches that required extraordinary craftsmanship from their bespoke team. A quick look at the Rose Phantom not only confirms the valid reasons for Ötvös’s praise but also shows the skill level Rolls-Royce limited offers to their customers that many other luxury carmakers can only dream of.

It is the kind of car that fits amazingly well with the best casino from a James Bond movie.

The Design Was Inspired Within Rolls-Royce Itself

According to the bespoke designer at Rolls-Royce, Leuan Hatherall, the inspiration for artistic and imaginative floral design came from the courtyard rose garden at the marque’s Goodwood facility located in West Sussex. More interestingly, the Phantom Rose that inspired the design, was exclusively bred and grown for this Rolls-Royce facility by Philip Harkness, a Rose breeder and founder of Harkness Roses.

According to Hatherall, the design was all about creating that feeling of awe that only the transcendent beauty of a rose garden in full bloom can induce. The Rose Phantom’s enchanting interior is unique compared to vintage Rolls-Royce models with an abundance of flowers lifting the spirits of its passengers.

A Special Exterior That Indicates The Surprises That Await Inside

The Peacock Blue exterior of the Rose Phantom features a Charles Blue-twinned coachline that takes the form of an intertwining rose stem that goes on to create the intended rose motif. The wheels embellished with a beautiful pinstripe made of Charles Blue twine complement its design. The delicate floral embroidery extending to the rear doors subtly hints of the surprises that await inside the Rose Phantom.

One-Of-A-Kind Interior Filled With Flowers

Passengers of the Rolls-Royce Rose Phantom are welcomed to its magnificent interior by its beautifully embroidered rear doors and the rear cabin that features beautiful illustrations of the Phantom Rose in varying stages of maturity from buds to full bloom. The design stretches beyond the car’s rear and grows to the roof lining.

Fiber-optic lights are individually distributed in tandem with beautiful floral designs on the car’s starlight headliner, treating passengers to a feeling of being in a world of flowers. The entrepreneur and the family who commissioned the Rose Phantom wanted flowers “everywhere” with the bespoke team granting their wishes in fine touch with lovely stems of the Phantom Rose climbing through the fascia that has a glass front.

A Combined Effort That Resulted In The Birth Of A Masterpiece

What makes the Rose Phantom even more special is the fact that it was a collaborative effort from the patron and his family.  As well as craftsmen, designers, and engineers of the Rolls-Royce bespoke team mainly contributing to the design of the car’s umbrellas as well as selecting its exterior hue.

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A Growing Trend In The Luxury Automobile Industry

Many luxury carmakers are starting to realize the importance of providing personalized service to their clients who have the means to mastermind exemplary designs such as the Rose Phantom. The purchase of a luxury vehicle means a lot more than the self-value, with its uniqueness adding to its value and timelessness.

Such cars cannot be bought from Rolls-Royce dealers anywhere, making them more special to those who own them while giving them the rare opportunity to determine the design of a car while adding elements that are personal to them. The recent times have seen Rolls-Royce limited, increasing its focus on bespoke work as well as its collaboration with customers.

What do you feel about the Rolls-Royce Rose Phantom? Do you agree that it’s one of the best Rolls-Royce designs of its generation? Feel free to comment and share your opinions below.

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