The Best Nice-To-Have Accessories For Your Car

by Rae Castillon

It’s surprising to see how many people purchase accessories for their cars. After all, modern cars have a lot of kit built into them by default from the factory. So, why bother with including even more on top of that? Well, for starters, even the best cars aren’t entirely perfect, and certain must-haves might be missing. Otherwise, folks just love that sense of customisation with adding bits and bobs onto a car.

Not just ANY car, but THEIR car. Including even the silliest of accessories gives off some personality to your vehicle. Plus, most of these car accessories that people tend to purchase do have plenty of great functionality, not just a mere trinket or eye candy. However, with countless accessories on the market today, which ones (do I think) are the most useful? And, could make car ownership that much easier.

Well, the folks over at Car Smart have a wide range of car accessories that you might consider. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best car accessories that I’ve found which may interest you…

1. Door Guards

Ah, we all know that gut-wrenching feeling of smashing our doors onto something. More often than not, it’ll leave a scuff or dent, which may or may not be offensive to your eyes. Trying to be careful is adequate in some cases, but not exactly foolproof. So, why not add a set of door guards around the edges of the doors? They snap on easily, and cushions your doors against any obstacle.

2. Locking Wheel Bolts

For some reason, and despite the monumental advances in automotive security systems, there are still people out there stealing tyres. To be fair, it’s not really that hard, and tyres are pretty expensive. So, how can you make it tougher on them? Well, how about a set of locking wheel bolts? As simple of a concept as it might be (just make sure you get the right size), they’re pretty effective against theft.

The Best Accessories For Your Car

3. Steering Wheel Lock

Speaking of locks, what if the burglars don’t want just your wheels and tyres? What if they want your entire car? One good way to make it more challenging is by installing a steering wheel lock. It’s pretty straightforward really; it just locks your steering wheel in place, preventing it from moving. Without the ability to turn, those burglars will find it much harder to manoeuvre your car out of sight.

4. Seat Storage Organisers

If you regularly carry a load of passengers, be it your family or your mates, you’ll know the difficulties of organising things. Toys for your kids, or perhaps some extra tools? The easiest solution is fitting in a backseat storage organiser. All this thing does is a flap with pockets that loops over your front seats to provide storage for rear passengers. But hey, it does what it says on the tin, and rather well, too.

5. Phone Holders

As smartphones become ubiquitous inclusions in our modern lives, we tend to rely on them a bit too much sometimes while driving. It’s a bad idea to hold it with your hands, so how could you secure the phone in place? Aha, with a universal phone holder, of course! Just stick it onto your windscreen, dashboard, or A/C vents, and that’ll provide a secure and safe mount for your phone, or perhaps a GPS device.

6. Locking Fuel Cap

This latter accessory might seem a bit extreme but bear with me. In the past few months, we’ve seen fuel prices skyrocket. As more people can’t afford to buy fuel, they resort to the only alternative that humans seem to be good at, stealing. It’s shockingly easy to siphon fuel from some stranger’s car. It’s the reason why a locking fuel cap isn’t such a bad idea, making access to the fuel filler not that easy.

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