The Cost Of Cambelt Repair And Replacement In UAE

by Rae Castillon

Modern day vehicles are basically computers on wheels. Their offer so much technology wise that its quite surprising. Yet, there are certain features and parts that remain unchanged over the past few years. The cambelt is one of them. Irrespective of which car you own, it will have a cambelt in it. The only exception is pure electric vehicles and certain hybrids. Like the tyres, engine, or battery, a cannot function properly without a cambelt. Some of you might be wondering what a cambelt is, right?


Depending on where you live, the cambelt might also be referred to as the timing belt or timing chain. The purpose of the belt is to synchronize crankshaft and camshaft rotation. There are several reasons that are responsible for damaging the cambelt, requiring a repair or complete replacement. The reasons for cambelt repair and replacement are discussed below.

Causes Of Timing Belt Failure

Oil Contamination

Oil contamination is a common phenomenon that can ruin the timing belt. The oil can cause the belt to lose tension, deform, misalign and numerous other things. It is better to invest in cambelt repair once it is contaminated by oil.

 Damaged Flange

Apart from oil contamination, a damaged flange can cause problems in the timing belt. The flange can cause the belt to misalign or break apart altogether after continuously coming into contact with each other.

High/Low Tension

The belt is attached at an optimum tension level. When the tension increases or decreases due to external shocks or normal wear and tear, the belt might need to be repaired slightly or replaced altogether.


The timing belt can get misaligned due to numerous reasons including shocks, collision, normal wear and tear. Regular alignment of the shafts and pulleys can fix misalignment related problems.


If you think debris only means sticks and stones, you are mistaken. If much smaller particles can be characterized as debris for the timing belt. Regularly brushing the timing belt can remove the debris and elongate the life of the timing belt.

Worn Pulleys

Apart from the debris and misalignment problems, worn pulleys are a common cause of cambelt repair and replacements in modern vehicles. Normal wear and tear can cause worn pulleys along with delayed automobile maintenance.

High/Low Temperature

Extremely high or low temperatures can also cause problems with the cambelt. For instance, extremely cold temperatures can cause the belt to become rigid, preventing it from functioning properly.

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Cost Of Cambelt Repair And Replacement In The UAE

Regarding the costs, there are no fixed prices. The cost of repair depends on the extent of the damage. It is actually the labour costs which cause the cost of cambelt repair and replacement to balloon up. As the repair and replacement work is quite laborious, you might end up paying a lot more than your expectation. Likewise, the cost of replacement depends on the vehicle make and model.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article for today. We are confident that you find the information valuable. If you feel that there are any mistakes or have any comments, feel free to contact us. Thank you.


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