The Mercedes-AMG E-Class 2021 Reveals Its Ins And Outs

by Rae Castillon

The slopes signed by AMG on the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class (or rather a profound facelift on the model presented in 2015 ) affects all bodies: the saloon, the station wagon ( Estate ), the two-door (Coupé ), and the convertible ( Cabrio ). Under its hood, we can find six and eight-cylinder engines, which cover a range of powers from 435 to 612 hp, and a set-up that gives us a rewarding experience on a circuit as on a long journey. Let’s get to know the 2021 E-Class AMG range in depth. At the top comes the E 63 4Matic +, with a 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo engine with 571 hp and 850 Nm and available as a sedan and family. However, in Spain only the most powerful version can be purchased, the E 63 S 4Matic +. This has the same mechanical heart, but tuned to deliver 612 hp and 850 Nm, with a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds for the sedan, and a tenth slower for the Estate. With its own supercar figures, it manages to approve an average of between 11.6 and 11.9 l / 100 km and 267-273 g / km of CO 2.

This averaging is achieved largely thanks to selective cylinder cut-out technology, which operates in the 1,000 and 3,250 rpm range provided the driver has selected “Comfort” mode from among the various driving settings. The comfort is another of the things that have improved, especially in the E 63 S 4Matic + with a “supports dynamic” for the engine that solves the conflict between the smoothness of the integration of the entire powertrain and greater structural rigidity, resulting both comfortable and dynamic.

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Mercedes-AMG E 53

On the other hand, the Mercedes-AMG E 53 has a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine with 435 hp and 520 Nm under their hood. The big advantage here is not so much the torque and power figures, but an alternator-starter (EQ Boost) that combines both functions in an electric motor incorporated into the powertrain between the block and the transmission. This light hybridization technology (mild-hybrid) makes these models benefit from an assistance of 16 kW (250 hp) and 250 Nm and the environmental label “ECO” of the General Directorate of Traffic.

Associated with all of them is a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (AMG Speedshift) especially developed for these versions. The agility and speed achieved by the new models in the curves are the result, among many other factors, of the AMG Ride Control suspension, consisting of a multi-chamber air suspension in all four corners and an adjustable adaptive damping (ADS +). The transmission and suspension can be configured to adapt the car to the conditions in which it will be rolled. Find out what E-Class model is right for you at Sandown Mercedes.

For those who are repudiating Mercedes-AMG for using an all-wheel-drive system in the new E-Class, it must be said that they can breathe easy; the rear tires may be destroyed at the consumer’s pleasure. Fully variable torque distribution makes it possible to drive both with great grip and gliding down the track. The “Drift Mode” has been designed for this purpose. This mode is activated in the “Race” program and makes it a rear-wheel-drive model. This mode remains activated until the driver deactivates it.

To stop that rush of energy, the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic + boasts a powerful braking system that, on the front axle, is made up of 390 x 36-millimeter discs. Optionally, the high-performance ceramic brake system is offered with 402 x 39mm discs on the front axle and 360 x 32mm on the rear. On the E 53, 370 x 36 mm perforated and self-ventilated discs are mounted at the front and 360 x 26 mm ventilated discs at the rear. At 250 km / h, you have to have good brakes and good tires.

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