Top Auto Accessories For Hot Weather

by Rae Castillon

When you buy a new car, one of the top subjects on your mind is how you can keep it looking nice for as long as possible. Of course, regular maintenance and oil changes will keep your vehicle running for years to come, but how can you make sure that it looks as good as it runs? First of all, you have to determine what causes depreciation to begin with.


Besides time itself and general wear and tear from daily use, the number one cause of degradation in your vehicle is brutal summer heat and harmful UV-rays. On a hot summer day, your car is a sitting duck to the sun’s power, slowly but surely losing clarity in its finish and structural integrity in the interior. But there are steps you can take to combat this. In this article, we’ll tell you about the top auto accessories for preserving your car in hot weather.

Car Covers

Over time, the sun’s rays will diminish and discolor the finish on your car’s exterior. A custom-fitting car cover can black the sun’s rays completely, taking the brunt of the damage and leaving your finish pristine and untouched underneath. Ford Mustang car covers, for example, are custom made to fit your Mustang perfectly. As a result, your interior will remain cooler even on a hot summer day, which will prevent a variety of damage from accumulating within. This includes everything from warped consoles, frayed steering wheels, and cracked dashboards.

 Dash Covers

Speaking of cracked dashboards, another way to preserve the dash in your car even while driving or otherwise uncovered, is a custom-made dash cover. Available in a variety of premium materials like carpet, suede, or velour, a custom dashboard cover will improve the elegance of your interior and protect your dash from deteriorating. Because each cover is made to order, it will fit your year, make, and model exactly and even appear to be an OE accessory installed at the time of purchase.

 Sun Shades

But your dashboard isn’t the only area in your interior that will start to show signs of sun damage over time. Everything from your steering column to your carpet will eventually be bleached out of mint condition by the sun. In fact, the glue used to affix your roof materials can even melt in high heat and cause drooping. That’s why a sun shade is essential for keeping the temperature cooler in your interior while you’re away. Sun shades can keep your interior cooler by as much as 40 degrees, and this can make a world of difference in the long run. For example, BMW 3 series sun shades are custom made to fit your BMW 3 perfectly.

Seat Covers

Of all the components in your interior, none will be looked at with as much scrutiny as your seats. The craftsmanship and care that went into your upholstery undoubtedly looks great at first, but over time these seams can weaken, split, and rip. That’s why custom-made seat covers are so great. Available in a variety of fabrics like genuine leather or neoprene, aftermarket seat covers are designed to fit so closely that they’ll look like the original upholstery. Jeep Wrangler seat covers, for example, fit snugly over your Wrangler’s seats. With these in place, your OE seats can be perfectly preserved underneath.


With these tips in mind, you and your car can get through summer after summer completely unharmed. If you plan to sell your car in the future, or just keep it as nice as can be in the present, these tips will help you accomplish your goal by keeping your vehicle cool and protected.

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