Top Sports Cars In The Middle East REVEALED

by Rae Castillon has delved into data looking at the top searched sports cars in the world, including most countries in the Middle East.


The Dodge Challenger came out as the top searched sports car in Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon and Qatar. This car is also the fourth most searched for sports car in the world, according to the research.


The production of this American car dates back to 1969, and is often listed as one of the best value sports cars of today, having one of the most powerful engines currently on the market.

However, for other countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and the UAE, it’s the BMW i8 that comes out on top.


The BMW i8 was originally released in 2014 and, despite its high price starting from around £120,000, the i8 was also the second most searched for car in the world.


The i8 is a seriously powerful car. Although some may argue that there are a lot more viable options on the market for the price, the car’s 1.5-litre engine and 235bhp makes it incredibly fast off the mark.

Ford Mustang: The Top Searched Car In The World

The top searched car in the world is, unsurprisingly, the Ford Mustang, with over 979k searches per month. However, the only country in the Middle East to have this at the top of their ‘most searched’ list is Tunisia.


The Ford Mustang is a classic car that was first revealed in 1964. It is the longest-produced Ford car nameplate and is still as popular now, as it was back then.


Ford has recently unveiled an all-electric version of the Mustang under the Mach-E model, boasting all of the same features of the original Mustang, although at a slightly lower price.


Phil Morgan, head of who conducted the research in line with the new launch of Fast and Furious, commented on the research by saying:


“In line with the new Fast and Furious movie this year, we wanted to look at what sports cars are the most popular around the world, and also how this differs by country. We’re not surprised about the Ford Mustang coming out on top, but maybe more surprised by the BMW i8 being 35 countries’ favourite. This is what makes these pieces of research so great – you can never predict the results!”


The full list of results for each country, and for the world can be seen on this page.

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