We All Want To Go Zoom Zoom: A Guide To Making Formula One A Hobby On Any Budget

by Rae Castillon

If you have watched Formula One, you may have fantasized about what life could be like if you were a globe-trotting race car driver driving the fastest and most technologically advanced motorsports machinery. As you become a bigger fan of Formula One, you quickly learn how important money, talent, and skill are to Formula One success. It becomes pretty evident that being a part of Formula One is not for hobbyists; it’s where the best gather and compete to be the World Champion.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways that Formula One can’t be a hobby. Much like maximizing online casino real money wagers by taking Max Verstappen to win everything in 2022 and maybe 2023. In this article, we’ll explore a few options for Formula One fans to turn the sport into a hobby, regardless of their income level or budget cap restrictions.

For The Red Bulls And Strolls Of The World: Unlimited Financial Budget Equals The Ultimate Formula One Hobby Of Owning A Team

Some people would say that Lawrence Stroll is the ultimate Formula One hobbyist having the financial means to purchase a functioning Formula One operation. Stroll is the Canadian Billion Father of Formula One driver Lance Stroll and owner of the Aston Martin team. In recent years, Dorolton Capital purchased the Williams Team as part of a greater long-term investment strategy.

Simply put, if you have the money, you might be able to purchase an existing Formula One team. Operating a Formula One team like a hobby is not the wisest strategy with the hundreds of millions of dollars involved in the operation of one of these teams.

For The Pace-Setting Contenders Of The World: Auto Racing As A Hobby

For those people out there like Mercedes or Ferrari who have to stick to a budget but have the financial means and time to be active, there are ways that Formula One fandom results in active participation in auto racing.

Marshalls are a super valuable and necessary part of a functioning race circuit. By getting involved locally, you can easily make auto racing a hobby and a part of your regular life.

Different racing categories have a Pro-Am series where drivers with financial capabilities can make racing cars on a circuit in a competition an actual hobby. You’ll have to prove you are a capable driver, but before long, you may find yourself on some of the same tracks used for Formula One.

On a local level and more like the McLarens or Alpines of the world, you’ll likely find regional karting competitions for drivers of all ages and experience levels. You might not have the means to fly to Europe to race at Silverstone, but you may have the means to make karting a regular hobby.

For The Best Of The Rest Of Us: Formula One As Hobby From The Comfort Of Home

For the rest of us, who like Haas and Williams, have continuously operated under a cost cap and don’t have the financial capabilities to race on the weekends, there are ways to take Formula One fandom from watching every session of a race weekend to a regular hobby: Formula One simulators, fantasy and betting, and data analysis.

In a world where data is increasingly important, fans of data, coding, and Formula One can spend hours pouring over Formula One data with Python and FastF1. Data analysis is an essential aspect of Formula One, as everyone is looking for whatever performance or answers they can find in the data. You never know if making a hobby of data analysis could lead to a career in Formula One.

Fantasy sports and online sports betting are two other ways for people to turn Formula One fandom into a hobby and potentially a money-making endeavor. However, be forewarned that when reliability strikes down another potential Ferrari podium, it might also take out any chance of a winning wager or week for your fantasy team.

Racing Is For Everyone: Formula One Simulation Video Games

Racing can be for everyone regardless of their financial means through video games. The most common way for Formula One to become a hobby is through Formula One simulation racing and Management video games. Have you ever wanted to see what Fernando Alsono can do in a Red Bull while navigating a Formula One team through in-race strategy and an entire Formula One season? You can do that with F1 Manager 22: a sports simulation game reminiscent of the Out of The Park Baseball series, but with all the nuance Formula One fans will want and enjoy.

However, we’ve all dreamed of being the race car driver in our Formula One fantasies, right? For a more active role and a potential spot on an official Formula One Esports Team, F1 racing games can put you behind the wheel of a Formula One car. While gaming and racing simulator set-ups can vary in price and complexity, at their core, these video games can be played with a basic controller and enable Formula One hobbyists to set lap times and see how far off Lewis Hamilton’s real-world pace on the same tracks.

The Formula One teams have official esports teams, where a world champion is crowned. Regardless of your age or income, it is possible to make Formula One a hobby and become a World Champion racer; it’ll be from the comfort of home rather than on circuits across the world.

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