What Are The Benefits Of All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles

by Rae Castillon

Before you decide to purchase any vehicle, find out the various types available. An all-wheel-drive vehicle operates by providing power to all its wheels. This is an exceedingly important feature for trucks, cars, and SUVs that are driven in difficult conditions. 

All-Wheel Drive comes in two different forms which are full-time and part-time AWD. A full-time AWD operates all the wheels simultaneously while a part-time AWD only provides power to all its wheels when more traction is needed and operates mostly in a two-wheel-drive model. 

Typically, AWD doesn’t require the driver’s input to perform. That said let’s look at why it is important to choose an all-wheel-drive vehicle over other models whenever you are looking for a new Subaru for sale in a dealership near you.

  • Traction

One of the most notable benefits of the all-wheel drive systems is their superior traction. When driving on a muddy or slippery surface, chances are, your wheels may lose traction and refuse to move forward. The AWD system utilizes all four wheels of the vehicle, forcing it to move forward even when one of the wheels is stuck.

Vehicles with a part-time AWD system provide added traction when needed by providing power to the rear wheels when the front wheels begin to slide on the mud. Plus, a good AWD car comes with a lot of ground clearance, unlike RWD or FWD systems.

  • Enhanced Safety

By evenly distributing power to all four wheels, an AWD vehicle amplifies the forward momentum. This prevents you from getting into an accident especially when overtaking or when accelerating on a busy road.

Moreover, this system prevents the vehicle from skidding by providing excellent grip and control when driving on a rainy or snowy day. Also, all-wheel drive vehicles distribute power evenly between two axles which prevent the problem of wheel spins.

This makes driving much safer and easier as compared to driving a part-time AWD car, a front-wheel-drive, or a rear-wheel-drive.

  • Off-Road Capability

AWD vehicles are a perfect choice for those who love road trips and adventure. These vehicles can ride on the most treacherous conditions like steep drop-offs, hairpin bends, and boulder-strewn paths among others.

All wheel drive vehicles engage both sets of wheels which enhances driving control and reduces your chances of getting stuck. These vehicles also feature heightened brake performance that allows you to control your vehicle when climbing a steep hill or overcoming obstacles. 

The fact that these vehicles can distribute their weight evenly across their frames contributes to the overall grip. See this link to read more https://www.theglobeandmail.com/drive/mobility/article-everything-you-need-to-know-about-all-wheel-drive/ 

  • Performance

The reason why most sports cars are equipped with all-wheel drive is to improve their overall performance. The additional traction helps them to achieve faster acceleration times. 

More of the engine power is shifted instantly to the road. Steering in all wheels is also heightened, as the front wheels gain more traction. This way drivers are able to ride their vehicles smoothly across any terrain.

  • Weight Distribution

The additional features in AWD vehicles help to transfer power to the rear wheels. The fact that most of the vehicle’s weight is located towards the back, balances the weight of the engine as well. When weight is evenly distributed it offers extra consistent handling as well.

  • Resale Value

The diversity of this system can help to improve the resale value of your car. People will rush to purchase a vehicle that is rich in features and can be applied to all weathers. Also, AWD is more popular than their two-wheel-drive counterparts, meaning it is relatively easier to sell them. 

If you are trying to eel your old vehicle and purchase a new one, you will get quick and decent money for your AWD system. Buying a car can be quite challenging, but if you choose an AWD car over others it makes the purchasing process less tedious.

  • No Need To Provide Instructions

No input or instructions are needed to operate an AWD system. The system is computerized, therefore keeping it constantly ActiveMovie, it can easily detect a reduction in traction and automatically provide the necessary power to each wheel.

  • Ideal For Varied Weather Conditions

As mentioned, an all-wheel-drive vehicle can withstand any harsh weather conditions including rainfall or snow. Its ability to enhance grip when driving allows the driver to navigate smoothly on a muddy road without getting stuck or skidding. Click here to read more insights.


There are so many things to consider when choosing the right car model. The weather condition of your area is one factor you can’t ignore. If you live in a snowy or rainy area where the roads are ever slippery, you probably need an AWD vehicle. An AWD system allows you to drive over rough terrain including muddy surfaces and shallow water.

It also helps to improve the overall performance of the vehicle by distributing the weight of the vehicle across its frame. Finally, you’re most likely to re-sell your vehicle at a better price if it has an AWD system.

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