Where To Find A Panel Beater

by Rae Castillon

Car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. If you’ve recently had an accident that has left your car battered and bruised, you might be looking to have it repaired by a panel beater. After all, your car is one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your life, and it pays to take care of it – especially if you plan on selling it down the line.

So, where do you find a panel beater to complete the work? In this article we’re going to look at exactly what a panel beater does, the business of free quotes, and where you can find them to complete the work on your car.

What Does A Panel Beater Do?

Panel beaters, also known as smash repairs, are the businesses that specialize in repairing a car after an accident. It’s an especially important thing to get done after an accident, as it will go someway to restoring the value of your car, its visual appeal, and not to mention its safety rating.

Here are some of the most common repairs a panel beater can do:

  • Bumper Repairs. One of the most common places for a car to be damaged in an accident is either at the front or back – either way, someone’s bumper is going to be damaged. Panel beaters can remove a damaged bumper and fit a new one, spray painting it the exact colour of your car.
  • Repair Of Dents And Scratches. These common damages to a vehicle don’t even have to be caused by a serious accident. Often, they just occur thanks to general wear and tear; a tree branch here, someone elses car door there. Panel beaters can fix scratches and repair a dent back to its original shape.
  • Alignment Of The Car Chassis. In a big accident, the chassis of the car (the main supportive frame) can often be pushed out of alignment. This can mean that your car will drift to either side while driving.
  • Removal And Replacement Of Panels. Sometimes a car panel is too damaged to be repaired and will have to be completely replaced. This can be tricky since they’re either bolted or welded onto the car’s frame. Panel beaters are
  • Painting. After a repair, your car might need to be spray painted to ensure that the colours are all the same. New panels might come in a different colour, and if left unpainted, looks very unprofessional. Getting the right colour is a fine art, but a reputable panel beater business should have a highly skilled spray painter on hand to get it right.
  • Car Detailing. The final step to a repair is getting your car detailed. This is the fine process of making sure the small details are perfect. It usually involves a thorough cleaning up of the vehicle, inside and out, as well as a reconditioning of the finer points of your vehicle.

Basically, any damage that is caused in a car accident can be taken care of by a professional panel beater. Make sure that the business you choose is certified, has a good reputation, and is charging you a fair price. Which brings us to the next point:

Can I Get A Free Quote From A Panel Beater?

In short, the answer is yes. Although it might not Getting free quotes from a variety of panel beaters will give you a general idea of how much the repairs will cost. Not all panel beaters are made equal though. A price might be cheaper because a business doesn’t use parts certified by the car manufacturer. While saving you money upfront, this quick fix might also end up costing you more in the long run.

Shop around, but don’t base a decision off price alone. Do some research into the reputation and practice of a potential panel beater you’re looking to pay to do some repairs. Your car is an important possession, after all, and a more expensive repair could save you money in the long run.

Where To Find A Panel Beater

There are plenty of ways to find a panel beater near you. Before you approach them, make sure you know what questions you should ask a panel beater before trusting them to repair your vehicle. As for finding them, here are the most common ways:

Find Them Online

Nowadays, finding a panel beater is easily done online. The tricky part is working out which business will be the best for fixing your car without talking to them or seeing how they work. Click here to use DingGo, who lists the panel beaters available in Australia, customer reviews, and overall ratings. Through the website you can also obtain and compare a variety of free quotes for the cost of a repair.

Word Of Mouth

If you know anyone who has had a car accident before, ask them where they went to get their car fixed up. If they had a good experience, it’s a pretty good sign that the panel beaters know what they’re doing and take care of their customers. You’ll likely receive the same good treatment – nothing beats a friend’s recommendation.

Industrial Areas In Towns

Panel beaters, like other automotive services, are usually found in the industrial areas of town. If you’re old school, going for a drive around these areas should turn up quite a few panel beaters. Stopping to check them out and talk to the workers is a good way to figure out whether it’s a professional outfit or not. It also helps you figure out which ones are closest to you so you can then go and read reviews online.

Your Car Dealership

If you bought your car brand new, then sometimes the dealership where you bought it will have their own team of panel beaters. This is a solid choice because you know that they’re well versed in working on your vehicle type, and will have the exact parts and paint needed. The work might even be covered by a warranty, depending on if you struck a deal when you bought the car.

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