Why You Should Consider Leasing In 2021

by Paul Hadley

Leasing or buying is often the question that many prospective customers of new cars end up facing. While both possess their set of advantages and disadvantages, it keeps changing every year. As such, for 2021 it seems like the pendulum will swing in favour of leasing for the following reasons.

The Pandemic After-Effect

2021 will be like no other year in recent history. The effects of the pandemic will be long-lasting and the car industry will definitely feel the effects of an economy that would still be in a phase of recovery and uncertainty. As such, the advisable thing to do is to avoid any huge financial transactions. Leasing offers the perfect solution in such circumstances. It offers greater convenience and you can keep your options open as far as financial commitment is concerned in the form of huge upfront costs.

It Allows You To Own Your Dream Car

Like owning anything else, getting a new car is often an exercise in restraint as you would not want to spend too much on it. Therefore, it often ends up being a compromise and people tend to settle for a lower model or variant when buying. However, when leasing, this is not the case and you can go for the best variant or your dream car without having to stretch your budget by a big margin. Leasing also helps you avoid buyer’s remorse as you can go for the next big thing that launches in the future without having to worry about getting a great deal on your existing car. With plenty of new and exciting cars about to be launched in 2021 and very soon after that, leasing will allow you to keep your options open.

It Is A Transitional Year

2021 will also be an interesting year in terms of prevalent car technology. In the past, there was always the one type of car that was the ‘it’ thing. In 2021, that is no longer the case as traditional combustion engine cars are still going strong while hybrids and fully electric cars have also gained considerable ground. This means that for the first time in many years it will be very difficult to predict which way to go. Should you hold on to a petrol engine car or should you opt for the middle ground of a hybrid or should you take the full electric plunge? The honest answer is that no one knows at the moment which is why leasing is a great way to not be tied down to something that might not be the most intelligent choice.

It Offers More Flexibility

This is perhaps the biggest reason to choose to lease. Most car owners run into a big problem when looking for a new car and that is finding a good deal for their old car. There is none of that with leasing as you simply surrender your car at the end of the lease and happily move on to the next one. To put it simply, if you like that new car feeling and want to keep experiencing it more regularly then go for a lease in 2021 and click here to check out some amazing UK Leasing offers.

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