Benefits Of APIs For Car Dealership Business

by Rae Castillon

Information is priceless when it comes to purchasing a car at a dealership, most especially used car dealerships. These dealerships are faced daily with the task of providing vehicle information to aid car buyers in making the right choices and purchasing reliable vehicles. However, a manual search of vehicle details is time-consuming and inefficient, as dealerships may have to scout through several government agencies to find the vehicle’s full history, but with an API, vehicle information can be easily accessed and provided for customers instantly. In this article, we will take a really good look at some of the best APIs for car dealerships and their benefits.

What Is An Application Programming Interface?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of codes that are used to transfer information from one software application to another. It acts as a means through which details and information can be easily transferred from software to applications. In some advanced applications, APIs can be used to aid real-time communication between cars and government agencies, smartphones, and even between cars. In the automotive industry, many use cases are introduced every day to make life easier and transportation channels more efficient.

For used car buyers, an API comes in handy when there is a need to gain access to vehicle information, records, and history. With an API integrated into applications and websites, dealerships can provide vehicle information to their customers right from the comfort of their homes or at the dealership. One of the most reliable car dealer API providers is Vehicle Databases. Vehicle Databases has over the years provided standard APIs for dealerships, car report service providers, and other automotive businesses for the purpose of providing vehicle information with high accuracy to customers upon request.

The Best APIs For Car Dealerships

There are several APIs a dealership should integrate into their application or website to enable them to provide the best and most complete information to their customers. Some of these APIs are:

  • OCR API services
  • VIN decoder API
  • VIN check API
  • Vehicle market value API

OCR API Services

This API is designed with high-performance optical character recognition technology that enables easy identification of VINs from vehicles or documents. This API eliminates the need to manually enter the VIN before a search. With this API provided by Vehicle Databases, dealerships can offer VIN scanning services to their customers to gain vehicle information easily. The OCR API service also allows for easy identification of barcodes and license plate numbers.

With this API, the probability of entering a wrong VIN or license plate number during a VIN check is eliminated.

VIN Decoder API

The VIN decoder API is a set of programming codes designed specifically for decoding a VIN and retrieving vehicle specifications and manufacturer information. With this API, dealerships can easily provide the following specifications to consumers before any car purchase:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body type
  • Engine size
  • Manufacturer information
  • Transmission
  • Dimensions, and more.

If you would like to provide vehicle specifications only to consumers, the VIN decoder API should do the trick. However, it is better to have more than just one API integrated into your application or website to gain a wide range of information with one single request.


Another car dealer API that is common among dealers is the VIN check API. For dealerships looking to provide full vehicle history and records about a vehicle to consumers upon request, the VIN check API is the best option. With the VIN check API, car buyers can gain access to the following information:

  • Auction history with more than 10 photos
  • Sales history
  • Ownership history
  • Accident history
  • Damage history
  • Lien and loan information
  • Theft records
  • Service history
  • Maintenance history
  • Open recalls, and more.

With a vehicle history report, car buyers can easily make informed decisions and get the best vehicles that meet their requirements and needs.

Vehicle Market Value API

When a car buyer visits a dealership and finds a vehicle he is interested in, they would like to find out the fair market value of the vehicle. With a vehicle market value API, you can easily provide this information to consumers upon request instantly. The market value API gives insight into the market value of millions of vehicles, and the information provided after a call returns the following information:

  • The vehicle’s condition: outstanding, clean, average, rough, etc.
  • Trade-in market value
  • Private party value
  • Dealer retail value

With this information clearly presented to car buyers, it increases the dealership’s credibility and trustworthiness. It also helps customers have better negotiations.

Other APIs for car dealerships provided by Vehicle Databases that can be effectively utilized to provide specific information to car buyers are:

  • Vehicle Specification API
  • Vehicle Services API
  • Auction History API
  • Sales History API
  • Vehicle Media API
  • Window Sticker API

Benefits Of APIs For Car Dealership Businesses

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) can bring many benefits to a car dealership’s business. Providing instant information to consumers upon request comes with its own rewards and benefits. Some of these benefits include:

Accurate Vehicle Information

APIs for car dealerships are designed to gain access to information from government agencies, car manufacturers, insurance agencies, etc., so dealerships can be sure that they are providing accurate information about a vehicle’s make, model, year, trim level, engine type, transmission type, and more. Dealerships can also be sure that the vehicles in their inventories are in good shape. This information can help customers make the right decisions and purchase reliable vehicles that meet their needs and budgets.

Faster Inventory Management

VIN data APIs can help dealerships manage their inventory more efficiently. They can quickly update their inventory listings with the most recent information on each vehicle, including its current condition, features, and pricing.

Better Customer Service

With access to detailed information about a vehicle’s history and specifications, dealerships can provide better customer service to their customers. They can easily answer questions and provide detailed, concise, and accurate information about the vehicles they are selling, which in turn builds trust and credibility and gives the customers a good experience.

Enhanced Profitability

By using VIN data APIs to manage their inventory and improve their customer service and marketing, dealerships can swiftly increase their profitability. They can sell more vehicles and build stronger relationships with their customers, which can lead to repeat business and referrals.

VIN data APIs provide an easy solution for car buyers in need of vehicle information. With the APIs provided by Vehicle Databases and other VIN data API providers, information can be provided to consumers instantly upon request. Some of the most recommended APIs for dealerships are the OCR API, VIN decoder API, VIN check API, and Vehicle market value API. Others are the Vehicle Specification API, Vehicle Services API, Auction History API, Sales History API, Vehicle Media API, Window Sticker API, and more. With these APIs integrated into websites and applications, dealerships are able to easily and seamlessly provide accurate vehicle information and history, manage their inventories, provide better customer service, and get more profits.

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