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4 Tips For Upgrading Your Car’s Audio System

Car Topics
12 Oct 2021

If you’ve ever been driving down the road, listening to your music and thinking “this could sound so much better”, then you should look into upgrading your car’s audio system.   There’s nothing wrong with your car’s stock speakers, but you know that you could easily be doing so much better than you are right…

How To Avoid Problems With Your Car?

Car Topics
07 Oct 2021

Nowadays literally everyone has a car. It is really important to have it. This brilliant invention can help you move wherever you want at any time. Also, the large number of types of cars that can be found makes it possible for everyone to find the perfect model for themselves. People are also doing everything,…

Ev’s And The Need For Complete Charging Solutions

Car Topics
05 Oct 2021

Electric Vehicles represent the next step in the evolution of cars and any doubts about their longevity have now been truly extinguished. This means that the infrastructure necessary for electric cars to take that final step into being ‘the’ mode of everyday transportation has to be in place. Modern car chargers are going to play…

How To Prep Up For Getting Your Car Painted 

28 Sep 2021

Painting a car isn’t a piece of cake and requires lots of effort and care to get the best results. Before painting your vehicle, there are a few things that ought to be done to the car in order to make it ready for the same. If you want to have your car shine after…

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Capel Classic Car & Bike Show
18 Sep 2021
South West Caravan & Motorhome Show
11 Nov 2021
Steam Fayre And Vintage Vehicle Rally
08 Oct 2021
Beaulieu Supercar Weekend
03 Aug 2021
Heveningham Hall Country Fair
04 Jun 2021

Capel Classic Car & Bike Show

18 Sep 2021
08:30 AM - 06:30 PM