Front Bumper Repair: Should You Have It Replaced, Instead?

by Conner Mckay

Car accidents frequently result in the front bumper of the vehicle being scrapped or smashed. Hence, why a front bumper repair is much more common than most might think.

The fact that it’s hanging intact despite the hit may persuade you that it’s nothing serious. However, you will not be able to see the internal damage that transpired when the front bumper was impacted.

Is front bumper repair really that vital? As a result, we’ve addressed all of the issues that a damaged front bumper might entail as well as how to repair it.

In this article, we will cover –

Bumper Repair

Front Bumper Repair

We all want to drive a car that is in fine shape. However, there are a few instances where we don’t repair the front bumper because it is still intact after a crash. If it’s not checked or repaired after a collision, it may result in serious repercussions.

A car’s front bumper is critical not only in reducing the intensity of an accident but also in reducing the number of risks that may arise.

A front bumper, to put it another way, serves as protection for several critical components in a car. It’s for a reason that they’re installed over the hood, grille, and cooling systems.

A well-functioning front bumper absorbs the impact of low-speed collisions, limiting the amount of damage to these critical components.

If these components are compromised, the cost of repair will very definitely be prohibitive.

Why Repair The Front Bumper

If your car is involved in a collision, we must assess its severity as it is accountable for possible disruption to both you and your car.

Front Bumper Repair, Reasons #1: Suffer From Internal Damage

Many vital components at the front end of the car are safeguarded by a front bumper. To the casual onlooker, a minor front bumper accident may appear insignificant.

But the fact is that there’s a good likelihood there’ll be an internal issue. Furthermore, a dented bumper could lead the car’s alignment to be thrown off, putting you and your passengers at risk.

In such situations, a front bumper repair is recommended. A technician will unscrew the front bumper to ascertain whether it is still strong enough to withstand shock. If it isn’t, they recommend repairing it right away.

Another reason to require assistance from front bumper repair experts is that they can quickly diagnose internal damage that is difficult to perceive from the outside of the vehicle.

As a result, if your car is involved in a front bumper collision, consult a professional immediately for an inspection.

Front Bumper Repair, Reasons #2: Impact On Your Car Insurance

The insurance cost of repairing a damaged bumper is intimately proportional to who was at fault during the event of the incident. The most common scenario in which they claim insurance is when a person isn’t at fault or is going through an economic meltdown.

Remember that approaching an insurance company is not going to bring solutions to such problems.

Of course, you can reap the benefits of the insurance company. This incorporates the assurance of front bumper repair as well as the elimination of repair cost concerns.

If you’re found guilty, you may risk your no-claims reward or be forced to pay a high upfront price. False claims can also lead to increased insurance rates in the future.

As a result, instead of providing collision coverage, it will exacerbate your problems. Ultimately, it’s realized that the cost of repairing the front bumper is equivalent to the deductible, therefore it might not be worth it.

Front Bumper Repair Cost

The cost of a front bumper repair typically ranges from $50 to $1,000 or more, depending on the severity of the damage, the need for replacement parts, and other factors.

But why is there such a large discrepancy between price brackets? Let’s see how much each form of damage costs and how long it takes to repair.

Front Bumper Repair Cost: Mild Scratches – $50 To $200

There can be instances where your car may suffer a scratch without paint being removed. Such scratches can be easily removed within a matter of an hour for each panel.

Typically, the cost of such repairs ranges from $50 to $200 per item. It’s an ideal condition because it is the easiest and most convenient approach.

Front Bumper Repair Cost: Intermediate Scratches – $200 To $400

Front Bumper Repair

If your front bumper is scraped more deeply than typical, it signifies that some of the paint has been stripped in the meanwhile. As a result, it may take up to 3-4 hours to complete.

It usually costs between $200 and $400, and it entails completely stripping the paint layer before sanding and refinishing it. You won’t be seeing the bumper dangling here.

Plus, there won’t be any substantial damage to the surface other than a cosmetic blemish in such cases.

Front Bumper Repair Cost: Deep Scratches – $300 To $600

If the scratches penetrate the paint and expose the metal or plastic beneath, it’s defined as a profound scratch.

For such damage, you’ll need a budget of $300-$600 and a repair time frame of 3-5 hours. Because of their severity, these scratches may induce dents in other parts of the bumper.

Front Bumper Repair Cost: Dents – $150 To $250

Your car might have some dents on its front bumper, but it doesn’t necessarily cause paint damage. Front bumper repair technicians prefer to heal the bumper without involving paint removal.

To remove the dent, they employ sophisticated equipment that generates heat. They charge $150-$250 to restore the bumper to its previous shape, and the process takes 1-2 hours.

However, the cost varies based on the quantity and severity of the dents on the bumper.

Front Bumper Repair Cost: Fractures – At Least $300

During an accident, you can expect that the front bumper of your car will encounter some cracks and splits. To remedy this, fill the region with plastic padding and polish the surface until it’s level.

This is a more difficult process than repairing dents and painting. However, if you follow the instructions meticulously and re-paint it, it will look fresh and new. Damages of this nature usually cost more than $300.

Front Bumper Repair Cost: Bumper Replacement – $400 To $1,000

Among the options listed earlier in this thread, this is perhaps the most premium. When you have no scope to fix the dents owing to their extreme severity, you might need to replace the front bumper.

A front bumper repair specialist might also recommend that you replace the front end of the bumper if its condition makes it no longer functional. This can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000, depending on the material and extent of the damage to the car frame.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Bumper

Cars have front bumpers to absorb all of the impacts from a collision. As a result, it’s not uncommon for it to get minor scratches and marks. Today, it’s an easy process to repair front bumpers and it costs within the budget.

However, there are a few factors to take into account when calculating the cost of front bumper repair.

Front Bumper Repair, Price Factors #1: Duration

A damaged front bumper can take up to an hour to replace. You can deduct the amount if you can complete the task entirely on your own.

However, if you’d like to hire an automobile body shop, you’ll have to pay $100 per hour for their services.

Front Bumper Repair, Price Factors #2: Intensity

The degree of the damage has a considerable impact on the repair cost. Scratches and dents aren’t often the only problem. As a result, it takes longer to repair the damage, raising the cost.

Furthermore, if there is air intake damage in addition to cosmetic damage, front-end bumper repair generally costs higher.

Front Bumper Repair, Price Factors #3: Mechanic Cost

Mechanic programs are priced differently by each auto shop. However, you may always determine whether you need to pay the extra or just the standard prices. This is accomplished by identifying if the front bumper needs to be removed or replaced.

Keep in mind that replacing it is more expensive than repairing it. They’ll also charge more if the bumper is removed for examination.

Front Bumper Repair, Price Factors #4: Accessories

A mechanic may require access to certain accessories before beginning with front bumper repair or re-painting. This may include the accumulation of sandpaper, paint, clear coating, and others.

You will be charged an additional fee for this, which you must pay in advance.

Front Bumper Repair, Price Factors #5: Painting (If Required)

Painting the front end’s surface after sanding and molding takes a long time. In the afflicted area, a fresh coat of paint gives the car new vitality. It also prevents corrosion or dust-gathering from causing further damage to the painting.

So keep track of how long it took them to paint since you’ll have to pay based on how long it took.

Front Bumper Repair, Price Factors #6: Other Repairs

In the event of a collision, your car’s other components may be affected in addition to the front bumper. From the headlights to the air intake systems, most bumper damage does not occur independently.

As a result, you’ll have to account for those expenses as well.

Front Bumper Repair, Price Factors #7: Bumper Cover Replacement

Finally, you’ll need to replace the bumper cover with a fresh one. If you are willing to save some bucks here, we recommend looking around online. OEM bumper covers might cost you more, but some brands offer discounts if you need to make a replacement.

Bumper Damage

The severity of front bumper damage is determined by the sort of collision in which your vehicle is involved. Here’s how to figure out how serious it is.

1. A Fractured Bumper

If the bumper absorbs shock during a collision, it means that it has already served its purpose while saving the inner components. Depending on the accidents, it has been found that most cars require a front bumper replacement rather than repairing.

A crack in the bumper, in addition to reducing efficiency, allows moisture and debris to gather within it. These undesirable components might corrode the bumper, causing it to be damaged.

Because the impacting bar is the largest element under the bumper plate and is primarily capable of absorbing the majority of the shock, this affects the bumper’s structural stability.

Some people prefer to repair bumper cracks with adhesives and fiberglass repair kits (you can learn more in our guide on how to remove bumper stickers). However, this does not restore its strength and dependability in the event of a collision. As a result, a bumper replacement is required.

Although a front bumper replacement is pricey, it improves the car’s safety in the long run. In the case of a collision, a deformed or shattered bumper won’t provide much protection.

As a result, even though it’s an expensive alternative that takes a long time, it’s recommended to have it replaced.

2. Paintwork Deterioration

Scratched paintwork is another indicator of a damaged bumper. You can, of course, re-paint them to make them disappear, but there’s a risk the bumper has already been stressed.

Replacing the front bumper with a new one may provide higher quality than re-painting it. Sanding to make it level and then waiting for re-painting takes a long time to remove the scratches.

The more extensive the damage, the longer it will take to fill the paint.

3. Torn Or Twisted Hooks

The front bumper is equipped with hooks that link it to the impact bar. They’re essential for keeping the bumper in place. Some of the hooks may break, damage, or misshape during a collision. The plastic cover may not provide as much protection if they break.

At moderate speeds, the bumper may appear to be in good shape. However, once it’s out in the wind at a high speed, it may clip off. Gluing doesn’t hold it up in adverse weather, and if the hooks aren’t placed back together precisely, the plastic cover can stretch slightly.

The broken hooks, on the other hand, cannot be replaced separately. As a result, you’ll require a front bumper repair to avoid any potential risks.

Front Bumper Repair vs Replacement

Of course, a front bumper repair after a collision is a cheaper and faster way to get your vehicle back on track. But, before you go to the workshop, make sure you understand the distinction between repair and replacement. This will help you figure out what you should do with your front bumper.

Repair Your Front Bumper

Front Bumper Repair

The front bumper may have some slight damage that can be easily repaired. Scratches, scrapes, and scuffs are examples of these, and they only ruin the paint.

The only thing that has to be done is re-paint, not a replacement front bumper. When contrasted to the replacement procedure, these processes aren’t all that expensive.

Your car may be able to be repaired if it has a dent, depending on the degree of damage it sustained in an accident. Heat, TLC, and painting are all simple and quick ways to accomplish this.

Replace Your Front Bumper

It usually costs more than mending because it entails incorporating a completely new bumper to replace the broken one. Only when the harm is beyond repair do we rely on this method.

In such instances, making an immediate replacement is a must, as it may jeopardize both your and your passenger’s lives.

How To Repair A Plastic Bumper

This usually happens to us when we first get our hands on the steering wheel. We miscalculate the acceleration and brakes, resulting in a collision with the vehicle.

A ding on your car’s bumpers necessitates several procedures. This is how they go about it.

We’ll go over the procedure for getting our front bumper repaired in the sections below.

Phase 1: Picking An Epoxy And Arranging The Dashboard

Remove the plastic component from your bumper first to begin the process. In the meanwhile, you’ll need to assure you have a dry and warm environment to work in. This enables the epoxy to effectively adhere.

The type of adhesive you’ll need will be determined by the type of plastic used to manufacture the bumper. You’ll notice a label that says PP, PPO, TPE, PUR, or TPUR if you look closely.

However, before making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to inquire about the type of mixture that will work with your bumper’s plastic.

Begin by scuffing the damaged section gently and cleaning it with plastic surface cleaner. Scrape both ends of the bumper to level the surfaces if it has been fully cracked through.

After that, brush it and let it dry before applying prep solvent. When wiping with prep solvent, remember to just circle the fabric in one way.

Phase 2: Create A “V” With Your Grinder

After the prep solvent has dried, you can begin the sanding procedure. You’ll need 80-grit paper for this. On both the front and rear sides of the fascia, make a “V” shaped groove in the affected area.

The grooves make it easier to align the two edges. They also provide scopes for the repair material to adhere to.

You should slice the grooves with a 24-grit disc on a sander for plastic kinds that powder when sanded (PUR, TPUR). If the plastic kinds smudge when sanded (PP, PPO, TPE), draw the grooves using a cordless drill and a rotary file.

Phase 3: Repair Breaks And Blend The Epoxy

Always guarantee that you repair the cracks in the fascia from the backside. If the crack is too large to work with, align it in place with adhesive tape on the front.

The adhesive tape enables us to keep the repair’s edges in place. To provide structure to the crack, use self-stick fiberglass-repair tape.

Then, on a block of cardboard or paper, formulate a solution with an equivalent share of hardener and repair adhesive. Use a body-filler squeegee to apply it over the tapes.

After the first layer of tape is in place, apply a second layer of tape on top of it, angled at a 90-degree angle to the first.

Phase 4: Application Of Plastic Filler

Before you can advance with the front bumper repair, the solution needs to harden for around 20 minutes. Strip off the tapes from the fascia’s front end and sand the surface with 80-grit sandpaper.

This enables you to get rid of any unwanted materials that get through the cracks. Fill any cracks or depressions with the hardening solution and sand the area to make it level again.

Phase 5: Sanding And Curving

After you seal all of the depressions with hardening solutions, sand the surface layer with 80 and 120-grit sandpaper. Scraping the fascia will enable you to recreate the original curvature of the bumper from the beginning. Then use a damp 400-grit paper to finish the job.

Phase 6: Painting The Bumper

After the front bumper repair, it is time to paint it. Allow 30 minutes for two wet applications of flexible part sealer to dry. You can now finish the repair by applying primer and paint.

Apply two coatings of any two-part primer-surfacer to the fender, leaving the primer to dry between coats. After it has hardened, sand it using 400-grit paper to square out any flaws. After wet-sanding, remove the dirt with a tack rag.

Spray a basecoat on the bumper as per the package recommendations, then repeat the process 2-3 times more to adequately cover it. Once it dries within 30 minutes, combine the clearcoat with the use of a hardener.

Be sure to apply mild clearcoats in between and let them dry. Allow the bumper to set overnight before installing it the next day.

Bumper Repair Near Me

Every auto repair company claims to offer the best service possible for your vehicle. However, not all of them will be suitable for your requirements. So, how do you choose the best front bumper repair company for your needs?

First, search for before and after photos of the mechanic’s repairs. This gives you confidence that you’re entrusting your car’s repair to capable hands. This also assures you that they will fix your car bumper as good as new.

Next, verify if they have a lifetime warranty on any repairs they’ve conducted. Some repair companies reduce fees if they make errors or take too long to repair the car’s front bumper.

Checking to see if the mechanics take pride in taking over your car and keys for repair is also something to think about.

Before starting to work, mechanics from top auto repair services will seek information about the car and the accident. This is also how you’ll know they’re the ones to approach.

Front Bumper Repair: In Conclusion…

If we ever have an accident, the front bumper will most likely be the first thing we hit. You’ll be surprised to learn that, despite the car’s front end being destroyed, the engine and other components are in perfect working order.

As a result, a properly functioning bumper is critical for the safety of the driver and passengers.

And now that you know everything there is to know about front bumper repair, we hope you will be stricter when it comes to its upkeep.

FAQs On Front Bumper Repair

If you’re curious to learn more about a front bumper repair, our FAQs here might help…

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Scratches On Car

If your front bumper is all scratched up, repairing it is relatively simple, depending on the severity of the scratch. You might be lucky and walk away with minor scratches that won’t even take off any paint. In this instance, removing those scratches won’t take too long and will cost you around $50 to $200. For more serious scratches, it might entail having to sand down the existing paint surface and repainting your front bumper. This will take far longer to complete – at least several hours – and would cost more, around $200 to $400. Otherwise, deeper scratches that expose the bare metal or plastic surface of the bumper will require even more time and repainting to fix. These repairs are likely to cost you around $300 to $600.

How To Fix Cracked Plastic

Should your car’s plastic bumper cover crack and fracture, there are ways to bond them back together. One such method is using adhesives, fillers, or perhaps even a fiberglass repair kit. In other words, you’re essentially filling in the crack with an epoxy resin or filler, filling in that crack and joining the other halves. During the repair, it’d be wise to use adhesive repair tapes to hold the two halves of the bumper temporarily as you’re applying this resin or filler. Then, you’ll have to give it some time before it’ll harden. Once it’s cured and dried, you can remove those tapes. After that, you’ll have to sand down the bumper to achieve an even surface. Finally, you could repaint the front bumper, or add even more filler to cover up any depressions on the surface.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bumper

For the most part, lighter damage on a front bumper can be repaired and ironed out. And to be clear, we’re looking not at the outer, plastic bumper cover, but what’s behind it. It’s crucial to assess the severity of the damage as, unlike the bumper cover, the actual metal bumper structure underneath is an important part of your car’s frame. Thus, it contributes to your car’s structural integrity. Therefore, if the damage to your inner bumper is too significant, a complete replacement is recommended to restore your car’s structural form. This is rather expensive though, with an average replacement cost of around $400 to $1,000. In some cars, it might even cost you nearly $2,000 or more to fully replace the front bumper.

How Much To Paint A Bumper

On average, it’ll cost somewhere around $500 to repaint your front bumper. However, the actual costs may vary wildly from this, mainly depending on the quality of the paint that you’re after. If you’re DIY-ing a bumper repaint by yourself, you can get all the necessary materials and have it done for under $100. Should you opt for a professional repaint job, a more economical route is going to cost you between $200 to $300. In this scenario, the new paint might not necessarily match perfectly, and the quality of the paint itself is of a lower grade. On the other hand, premium paint jobs that use high-quality paint and masterful paint blending to match the finishing with the rest of your car could cost closer to $1,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dent In Car

Besides scratches, another form of damage that you may encounter on your car’s front bumpers are dents. Depending on the severity of the dent, most technicians and body shop specialists would prefer to not have to remove the paint. Instead, they’d try to un-dent the dents, while still trying to keep the paint intact. This is a much more advanced, not to mention time-efficient and cost-saving technique, as repainting an entire bumper can cost you heavily. Thus, why a front bumper dent repair usually costs around $150 to $250, assuming it could be repaired without needing to strip the paint. This process could also be done rather quickly. A skilled technician could have those dents removed in around 1 to 2 hours, tops.

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