Bugatti To Beat Its Own Record Of Fastest Production Car

by Paul Hadley

Bugatti currently own the world record of having the world’s fastest production car. The record is for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport that is capable of doing 268 mph. But Bugatti are trying to put a shadow on the Veyron Super Sport with the Chiron.

Getting Seriously Close to 300 mph

The Chiron will have 1,479 hp and it is said that the car is targeting a top speed of 288 mph. Now that is getting seriously close to 300 mph… for a production car. This is getting a bit insane. The Chiron is using a 8.o litre W16 engine with 4 turbos and some highly advanced aerodynamics.

Chiron Bugatti 2

Record of Fastest Production Car – Bugatti Chiron

This record has been held since 2010 and was completed by legendary Bugatti test driver Pierre Henri Raphael. For the world record to be confirmed there were members of both German Technical Inspection Agency and the Guinness Book of World Records onsite during the test. Two high speed runs were completed with the average being 267.856 mph. That’s not bad going. We will have to give it a couple more years and then see what the mighty Chiron can produce.

Chiron Bugatti 1 Record of Fastest Production Car

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