Car Photography And Why We Just Cant Put The Camera Down

by Rae Castillon

At Car Middle East we have spent many years studying the art of car photography and getting out there and shooting car after car for our reviews. Over time there is one thing I have learned and that is that you never really complete it.

It is a constant learning curve working your way to the top and with every shoot, there have been lessons to learn.

The real secret that we have learned is just getting back out there and taking on shoot after shooting and completing the post work as soon as possible. Going through this process you can see the errors you make and you can see where you can make improvements.

Having the right basic gear is important, but you don’t need crazy expensive equipment to get started on the automotive photography learning journey. If you have a base level DSLR or Mirrorless camera you are good too. Shoot in RAW, edit in lightroom and get our there.

I would encourage you to do all the learning you can online, read blogs, watch YouTube. There are lots to learn.

Find local others in your local town that either love cars or love photography and go out and shoot with them. You will find that no two photographers have the same approach to shoot one car, you can see the positives and negatives in everyone’s approach and learn from them. This will improve your progression quickly.

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