MSO Confirms Hyper-GT Project

by Paul Hadley

MSO? That’s McLaren Special Operations to you, in case you were wondering. Think of it as the skunkworks of McLaren that carries out all the…well, special operations. For quite some time there have been rumours about a new three-seater which is to be the world’s first ‘Hyper-GT’. For the time being it’s called the BP23 which means Bespoke Project while the 2 and the 3 refers to the number of seats.

Green Light

These are no longer rumours, the British brand has now given the green light and although no concrete details have been announced yet, the signs look promising. If you’re expecting a new F1 then you may be in for some disappointment. The company’s aim is to build a vehicle that not only offers high performance but a high amount of comfort as well. A car that can set your pulses racing without breaking your back at the same time. In which case, I imagine it’ll be a mix of the 570GT and the P1, pictured below, with the three seat layout of the F1.

Exclusive, Sold out

Just 106 models will be built but believe it or not they have already been sold, even though we have no idea how it looks or what the performance will be like. Why 106? Well that is exactly the same number as F1s McLaren pushed out of its production line back in the 90s. For those who have ordered one you can expect delivery early 2019 so there will be a rather long wait ahead of you.

Because the BP23 is being produced by MSO it means buyers will have the opportunities to make their cars bespoke by allowing them to select areas such as colour and trim. The car will also feature the same kind of dihedral doors found on other McLaren models apart from these doors will be powered by apertures extending in to the roof. Speaking of power, the BP23 will feature a hybrid system like the P1 to make it one of the most powerful cars the brand has made for the road.

Watch this space…

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