The new Ford GT is expected to be on sale by the end of the year, but Ford still doesn’t mind treating its potential customers to a little insider info. Ford released a video of the new GT under development in the wind tunnel at Allen Park Michigan.

Ford Continue Development of the GT in the Wind Tunnel

In the video we get a close up look at the new GT’s active aerodynamics, with Ford engineering supervisor Nick Terzes stating: “One of the great things about this car, as dynamic and beautiful as the design is, every single opening has a purpose on the car. So if you see a large grille, if you see a scoop, it’s wasn’t just put there to look good,” Terzes said. “It was put there because it has a function.”

The new GT is one of the most highly anticipated cars of the year, with Ford engineers working round the clock to create it. Terzes said: “In the end, all these late hours, all these weekends that we work, are absolutely worth it to be a part of a program like this, and to create the ultimate GT.” Much like the past GT’s this one will lead Ford on through 2017 and, with a Le Mans win already, the GT certainly has a bright future ahead of it.