LaFerrari Spider To Be Called Aperta – Say Internet Spies

by Paul Hadley

It’s an incredible time that we live in… Typically leaks from car manufacturers happen by human error or sometimes press releases being leaked on purpose to create internet hype. But nowadays you get internet spies that spend hours trying to look behind the scenes of manufacturer’s web servers.

LaFerrari Spider or LaFerrari Aperta

In this case some internet spies have found image files on Ferrari’s web servers that list the LaFerrari Spider as the LaFerrari Aperta. So does this mean that LaFerrari Spider will be called the Aperta? Or maybe Ferrari are just trying to throw us off the scent.

Right now there has been nothing else released about this car. It is likely to be released at the Paris Motor Show 2017 and I should imagine they have all already been sold.

LaFerrari Spider 2

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