Ram 1500 Ground Clearance

Ram 1500 Ground Clearance: How Can You Increase Ride Height?

by Samuel Gitukui

How the Ram 1500’s Ground Clearance Makes it an Ideal Off-Road Vehicle

The Ram 1500 is an ideal off-road vehicle due to its impressive ground clearance. This pickup truck has a total ground clearance of 8.7 inches, which allows it to traverse over uneven terrain and obstacles with ease. The high ground clearance also helps the Ram 1500 avoid getting stuck in mud or sand, as well as providing additional protection from rocks and other debris that may be encountered while driving off-road.

The Ram 1500’s suspension system is designed to provide a smooth ride even on rough terrain, allowing drivers to enjoy their off-roading experience without feeling every bump in the road. The suspension system also helps keep the vehicle stable when traversing steep inclines or declines, ensuring that drivers remain safe while navigating difficult trails and paths. Additionally, the four-wheel drive system provides extra traction for tackling tough conditions such as mud or snow-covered roads with confidence.

In addition to its impressive ground clearance and suspension system, the Ram 1500 features several other features that make it an ideal choice for those looking for an off-roading vehicle. These include skid plates underneath the frame of the truck which protects vital components from damage caused by rocks or debris; heavy-duty tires designed specifically for use on rugged terrain; and a powerful engine capable of handling any challenge thrown at it by Mother Nature herself.

Overall, these features combine together to make the Ram 1500 one of the best vehicles available today when it comes time for hitting some trails. With its impressive ground clearance and robust design elements built specifically with off-roading in mind, this pickup truck can handle whatever you throw at it – making your next outdoor adventure one you won’t soon forget (on par with the Toyota 4Runner ground clearance).

Exploring the Benefits of a High Ground Clearance on the Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is a popular pickup truck that offers drivers a variety of features and benefits. One of the most notable features of the Ram 1500 is its high ground clearance, which provides drivers with increased maneuverability and improved off-road performance. In this article, we will explore the advantages that come with having a high ground clearance on the Ram 1500.

  • First and foremost, having a higher ground clearance allows for greater maneuverability when driving over rough terrain or in tight spaces. The higher ride height gives you more room to navigate around obstacles without worrying about scraping your undercarriage or getting stuck in mud or sand. Additionally, it can help you avoid low-hanging branches or other debris that could otherwise cause damage to your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Another benefit of having a high ground clearance on the Ram 1500 is improved off-road performance. With its increased ride height, you can tackle tougher terrain without worrying about bottoming out or getting stuck in deep ruts caused by other vehicles passing through before you do. This makes it easier to traverse difficult trails while still maintaining control over your vehicle at all times – something that would be much harder to do if your truck had lower suspension settings and less overall stability when driving off-road conditions like rocks and mud pits.
  • Finally, having an elevated ride height also helps protect against potential flooding during heavy rains as well as snowdrifts during winter months since water won’t be able to reach up into your engine bay as easily due to its raised position above any potential puddles on the road surface below. This means fewer worries about water damage from unexpected weather events while still being able to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us.

Overall, there are many advantages associated with owning a pickup truck like the Ram 1500 with its higher ground clearance setting – from improved maneuverability both on-road and off-road, better protection against floods/snowdrifts, plus added peace of mind knowing that no matter what kind terrain lies ahead, you’ll have plenty enough space underneath for safe passage.

Comparing the Ground Clearance of Different Models of Ram 1500s

The Ram 1500 is a popular pickup truck that has been around for decades. It is known for its ruggedness and reliability, as well as its impressive towing capacity. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a Ram 1500 is the ground clearance, which determines how much space there is between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground. This article will compare the ground clearance of different models of Ram 1500s so that potential buyers can make an informed decision about which model best suits their needs.

The base model 2020 Ram 1500 has 8.7 inches of ground clearance, while higher trim levels have up to 10 inches depending on wheel size and suspension setup. The 2021 Rebel model offers 11 inches with 33-inch tires or 12 inches with 35-inch tires, making it one of the highest in terms of ground clearance among all models available in this year’s lineup. The 2021 Limited Longhorn edition also offers 11 inches with 33-inch tires or 12 inches with 35-inch tires, making it another great option for those looking for maximum off-road capability from their pickup truck purchase.

In addition to these two models, there are several other options available in both 2020 and 2021 editions that offer varying degrees of ground clearance ranging from 8 – 10+inches depending on wheel size and suspension setup: Big Horn/Lone Star (8 – 9″), Laramie (9″), Laramie Longhorn (10″), TRX Off Road Package (10+”). All these options provide excellent performance capabilities while still offering plenty of room underneath your vehicle when driving over rough terrain or through deep water crossings without worrying about damaging your undercarriage components due to low ride height.

Overall, potential buyers should take into account their specific needs before deciding which model best suits them; however, they can rest assured knowing that no matter what they choose from this year’s lineup they will be getting an impressive amount of off-road capability thanks to generous amounts off-road capable features such as high levels of ground clearance offered by all models within this years’ lineup.

What to Consider When Choosing a Model with Higher or Lower Ground Clearance for Your Ram 1500

When choosing a model with higher or lower ground clearance for your Ram 1500, there are several factors to consider (as you would when considering the Nissan Pathfinder ground clearance).

  • First, you should think about the type of terrain you will be driving on. If you plan to drive off-road or in areas with rough terrain, then a higher ground clearance is recommended. This will help ensure that your vehicle can safely navigate over rocks and other obstacles without getting stuck or damaged. On the other hand, if you plan to mainly drive on paved roads and highways, then a lower ground clearance may be more suitable for your needs.
  • Second, consider how much cargo space is needed in the bed of your truck. Higher ground clearance may provide more room for larger items such as ATVs and boats while still allowing them to fit comfortably in the bed of your truck without scraping against the bottom of it when driving over bumps or uneven surfaces. However, if cargo space isn’t an issue then a lower ground clearance could work just as well since it would reduce drag when driving at high speeds on flat surfaces like highways and interstates.
  • Finally, take into account any additional features that come with different models such as air suspension systems which can help improve ride quality by automatically adjusting ride height based on road conditions and load weight distribution within the vehicle itself; this could be beneficial if you plan to use your Ram 1500 for both off-roading adventures as well as everyday commuting purposes since it would allow for greater flexibility between different types of terrain while still providing adequate protection from potential damage caused by low hanging branches or large rocks along trails and backroads alike.

In conclusion, when selecting a model with higher or lower ground clearance for your Ram 1500 there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration including what type of terrain will primarily be driven upon; how much cargo space is needed; and any additional features offered by certain models which could potentially benefit overall performance depending upon individual needs/preferences/usage scenarios etc. Ultimately though it comes down to personal preference so make sure to research all available options before making any final decisions.

The Pros and Cons of Having More or Less Ground Clearance on Your Ram 1500

When it comes to the ground clearance of your Ram 1500 (just as one would with something like the Toyota Tundra ground clearance), there are both pros and cons to having more or less. It is important to consider these factors before making a decision on how much ground clearance you want for your vehicle.

The main advantage of having more ground clearance is that it allows you to drive over obstacles such as rocks, logs, and other debris without damaging the underside of your truck. This can be especially beneficial if you plan on taking your Ram 1500 off-roading or driving in areas with rough terrain. Additionally, higher ground clearance can also provide better visibility when driving in snow or mud since the truck will be higher up from the road surface.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks associated with having too much ground clearance on a Ram 1500. For example, increased ride height can lead to an increase in wind resistance which could reduce fuel efficiency and performance while driving at high speeds. Additionally, higher ride heights may also cause instability when cornering due to increased body roll which could make handling difficult at times. Finally, taller vehicles tend to have a greater center of gravity which increases their risk of tipping over during sharp turns or sudden stops if not driven carefully enough by an experienced driver who knows how their vehicle handles under different conditions.

In conclusion, it is important for drivers to consider modifying their Ram 1500’s ground clearance level to understand both its advantages and disadvantages before making any changes so they can make an informed decision about what works best for them and their needs while still keeping safety as a priority at all times.

How to Increase Your Ram 1500’s Ground Clearance for Off-Road Adventures

If you are looking to increase your Ram 1500’s ground clearance for off-road adventures, there are several steps you can take. These modifications will help ensure that your vehicle can handle the terrain and obstacles of off-roading with ease.

  • First, consider installing a lift kit on your Ram 1500. Lift kits come in various sizes and configurations, so it is important to choose one that best suits the type of off-roading you plan on doing. A lift kit will raise the body of your truck higher from the ground, allowing for more clearance when driving over rocks or other obstacles. Additionally, larger tires can be installed which also provide additional ground clearance as well as improved traction in muddy or sandy conditions.
  • Second, install skid plates underneath your vehicle’s frame and engine components to protect them from damage caused by rocks or other debris encountered while driving off-road. Skid plates are available in both steel and aluminum varieties depending on how much protection you need for each component being protected by them.
  • Thirdly, add a set of heavy-duty shocks designed specifically for off-roading use such as Fox Racing Shox or Bilstein shocks which offer superior dampening capabilities compared to standard factory shocks found on most vehicles today. This will help reduce body roll when cornering at high speeds over rough terrain while also providing better control overall during extreme maneuvers such as rock crawling or hill climbing activities common with serious four-wheeling enthusiasts alike.
  • Finally, adding an aftermarket bumper with an integrated winch mount can provide extra protection against impacts from large objects encountered while traversing difficult trails. It also allows easy access to a winch should it become necessary during recovery operations.

By following these steps, you should be able to significantly increase the ground clearance of your Ram 1500 making it more capable than ever before when tackling tough trails out in nature.

Tips for Maintaining Optimal Performance with High or Low Ground Clearances in Your Ram 1500

1. Check Tire Pressure Regularly: Maintaining the correct tire pressure is essential for optimal performance in your Ram 1500, regardless of ground clearance. Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly and adjust as needed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your vehicle.

2. Monitor Suspension Components: High or low ground clearances can put extra strain on suspension components, so it’s important to monitor them closely for signs of wear and tear. If any components need replacing, make sure to do so promptly to maintain optimal performance with your Ram 1500.

3. Inspect Brakes Frequently: The brakes on a vehicle with high or low ground clearance will be subject to more wear and tear than those on a standard model, so it’s important that they are inspected frequently for signs of damage or excessive wear and tear. If necessary, replace brake pads or other components as soon as possible to keep your Ram 1500 running at its best performance level at all times.

4. Adjust Alignment Settings: Alignment settings should be adjusted periodically depending on the type of terrain you drive over most often when using a vehicle with high or low ground clearance levels; this will help ensure that all four wheels remain properly aligned while driving which can improve overall handling capabilities significantly.

5. Use Appropriate Tires: Using tires specifically designed for vehicles with higher/lower ground clearances can help improve traction control, braking power, fuel efficiency, and overall ride quality; make sure you select tires appropriate for the type of terrain you plan on driving over most often when using a vehicle such as the Ram 1500.

Understanding Why Different Trim Levels Have Different Levels of Standard and Optional Ground Clearances

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, one of the most important factors to consider is ground clearance. Ground clearance is the distance between the lowest point on a vehicle and the ground, and it affects how well your car can handle different types of terrain. Different trim levels of Rams have different levels of standard and optional ground clearances due to their intended use.

The base-level Ram 1500 has an 8.7-inch standard ground clearance, which is suitable for everyday driving on paved roads or light off-roading. The higher trim levels such as Big Horn/Lone Star, Rebel, and Laramie Longhorn/Limited offer increased optional ground clearances ranging from 9 inches up to 10 inches for improved performance in more challenging terrain conditions such as mud or snow.

The Ram 2500 offers even greater options when it comes to its available trim packages with standard and optional ground clearances ranging from 8 inches up to 11 inches depending on which package you choose. This range allows drivers who need more capability in extreme conditions like deep snow or rocky trails access to higher levels of performance without sacrificing comfort while driving on regular roads or highways.

Finally, the top-of-the-line Ram 3500 offers an impressive 12-inch standard ground clearance that provides superior off-road capabilities while still providing a comfortable ride quality when driving at highway speeds over long distances due to its advanced suspension system design features like air suspension systems that adjust automatically based on load weight distribution and road surface type for optimal handling characteristics no matter what type of terrain you are traversing through.

In conclusion, understanding why different trim levels have different standards and optional grounds clearances in their Rams will help you make an informed decision about which model best suits your needs so that you can get maximum value out of your purchase by having access to all the features necessary for tackling any kind of environment with confidence knowing that your vehicle has been designed specifically with those needs in mind.


Q: What is the ground clearance of a Ram 1500?

A: The ground clearance of a Ram 1500 varies depending on the trim level and configuration. Generally, it ranges from 8.7 inches to 10.3 inches.

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